Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small Press Book Fest at Pilot Books

Small Press Book Fest is still underway at Pilot Books until the end of March, and if you haven't made it out yet for a reading, we'd highly recommend it!

So far, the festival has already featured great writers such as Matthew Zapruder (Wave Books, The Pajamaist), Stacey Levine (The Girl with Brown Fur), Matt Briggs (The End is the Beginning), and so so so many more. AND, the best part about the festival is that all of the readings and writing workshops are free. So now's your chance to show your support for small presses, attend some fantastic readings and workshops, and get all of those favorite books signed.

Tonight's events feature a reading and writing workshop with local writer Matthew Simmons, author of last year's super popular Indie novella (only 67 pages!), A Jello Horse, where an unnamed young man sets out to attend a funeral with a group of friends in middle America.

Full of interesting and unordinary circumstances and realism, this strangely, wonderful novella rightfully earned Simmons much street cred in the Seattle lit world. And once you read Simmons' work for yourself, you'll understand exactly why.

Simmons has even admitted in past interviews that by writing Horse, he was attempting to do everything that his professors had to taught him not to do. Which, we're sure, now those same professors are probably congratulating him on doing exactly that.

We'll have more to come in the next couple days on other great authors to be featured at Pilot Books until the end of the month. Also! Pilot Books is so freaking on top of it and awesome that their blog features videos of any readings that you may have missed thus far at Small Press Book Fest. (Don't you just love it when folks make life that much easier?) Check it out, you may just find a new favorite.

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