Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dead Poets Society at The Hugo House

 Dead Poets Society will take place at 7:30 p.m., on Thursday, April 15th, at the Hugo House. Tickets are $10 for the public and $6 for students, seniors, and Hugo House members.

Hugo House is once again hosting their popular Dead Poets Society readings in celebration of April as National Poetry Month, where local poets portray--in full costume--famous (or infamous) dead poets. This year's dead poets include Matt Gano as Richard Brautigan, Jourdan Keith as Audre Lorde, Peter Pereira as Frank O'Hara, and Nicole Hardy as Anne Sexton, with the lovely Kate Lebo hosting.
This event was great fun last year and included the awesome lineup of timeless dead poets Charles Bukowski (Brian McGuigan), Sylvia Plath (Kate Lebo), Gertrude Stein (Felicia Gonzalez), T.S. Eliot (Jeremy Richards), and Langston Hughes (Storme Webber), as shown above in full costume. At the time, we couldn't possibly imagine a better selection, but this year only proves that Hugo House has plenty of good literary fun up their sleeve and we find ourselves thinking the exact same thing. Damn, they're good.

The poets will be reading from their selected dead poet's work, and in line with Hugo House's mission of supporting new work, the dead/live poets will also be reading one original poem they have written in response to a work or the life of their chosen writer. And really, where else will you get to see Frank O'Hara or Richard Brautigan read in honor of National Poetry Month?! And, not to mention some of our favorite local poets. So absolutely fantastic.

Matt Gano, a.k.a Richard Brautigan, is a nationally known Seattle poet, writer, and performance artist. Gano was a member of the 2008 National Poetry Slam Seattle team and finished in the top position, earning himself the title of "“Seattle Poetry Slam Grand Slam Champion.” Gano remains as one of the best performing artists in Seattle’s poetry circuit, and his published work includes the chapbooks Music Maker, Welcome Home, and I Eight the Infinite, along with the self-titled poetry LP A Giant's Pulse. Gano is also a mentor for the Seattle youth poetry program, Youth Speaks, where he facilitates poets ages 13-19 in workshops discussing poetry and the art of expression.

Peter Pereira, impersonating Frank O'Hara, is one of our absolute favorite Seattle poets; if you haven't heard him read before--especially as Frank O'Hara--you're in for a treat because he is pretty darn fantastic. Pereira is the perfect example of that old saying that doctors and scientists make great poets. Besides being a founding editor of Floating Bridge Press, having poems published in dozens of journals and other literary venues, and being a past finalist for the Washington State Book Award, Pereira is a family physician here in Seattle.

Nicole Hardy, playing Anne Sexton, is a Seattle poet, teacher, and waitress. Hardy is a regular participant in local readings including Hugo House's Cheap Wine and Poetry series, Seattle Art Museum's monthly reading series, SAM Word, and she frequently performs in collaboration with musicians Willow and the Ember. Hardy is a past Pushcart Prize nominee, and is the author of two poetry collections, Mud Flap Girl's XX Guide to Facial Profiling and This Blonde.

Jourdan Keith, a.k.a. Audre Lorde, is a Seattle poet and the founder/director of Urban Wilderness Project, which provides storytelling, restoration, adventure and wilderness programming. Keith was the City of Seattle's 2006-2007 Seattle Poet Populist Emeritus and is the author of the memoir Coyote Autumn. Keith worked at the Hugo House for a long time in past years and now hosts the House's Cheap Wine and Poetry series.

Dead Poets Society is one of our favorite National Poetry Month events and we hope to see you at the Hugo House for these amazing live (and dead) poets. Part poetry reading, part costume party, a full bar, timeless work, and possible new favorites--overall, an extremely good time for poetry lovers.

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